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Informacje o zawodach w działalności organizacji pracodawców

Jacek Kulik

Information about occupations in the activities of the employers' organisations

Słowa kluczowe: informacje o zawodach, Barometr Zawodów, INFODORADCA+, kształcenie dla rynku pracy, organizacje pracodawców.

Key words: information about occupations, Occupation Barometer, INFODORADCA+ education for the labour market, employers' organizations

Abstract: Adapting vocational education to the needs of the labour market is a priority. Its purpose is to provide qualified human resources for the developing economy. In many countries employers are involved in the education system through identifying qualifications necessary for the changing labour market, verifying requirements for qualifications and professional competences, evaluating curricula, and actively participating in the process of preparing and conducting examinations.