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Wirtualne laboratorium kształcenia zawodowego

Mariusz Siczek, Jacek Wojutyński

Słowa kluczowe: e-learning, stanowisko dydaktyczne, kształcenie zawodowe.

Key words: e-learning, didactic stand, vocational education.

Abstract: The reconstruction of vocational education in Poland and an increasing demand for STEM qualified professionals announced by the industry and SMEs, show the necessity of introducing modern teaching techniques and tools to improve vocational qualifications. The analysis of vocation education needs and job market prospects revealed the necessity for the development of innovative, techno-didactic tools i.e. stands for learning of PLC (Programming Logic Controller) and HMI (Human Machine Interface) programming in the e-learning, traditional or blended mode. It has been assumed, that stands will realize the real processes that are present in the industry and every-day life. The article presents the conception of the remote laboratory for e-learning of PLC and HMI programming. The special attention was paid to network operation of designed stands (intranet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP/IP, itp). Moreover, each stand is autonomous and equipped with a safety controller that protects the stand against its damage by a student, for instance by extending the temperature or level of liquid in the container. The main advantage of designed techno-didactic stands is that they enable testing of a student’s software on a real object and observing with CCD camera (Charge Coupled Device) if it controls the process in a desired way. Developed techno-didactic stands are adjusted to co-operate with any PLC.