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Stosowanie metod aktywizujących przejawem profesjonalizmu nauczyciela akademickiego

Beata Gola, Dorota Pauluk

Słowa kluczowe: profesjonalizm, rozwój zawodowy, nauczyciel akademicki, metody

Key words: professionalism, professional development, academic teacher, activating methods.

Abstract: The issue undertaken in this paper points to the need of improving the academic teacher workshop, also in the context of one’s professional development dealng with adult education at the stage of studying. The article presents a brief contemporary discourse of professionalism, emphasizing lifelong professional development. Teaching seen as a dynamic and innovative profession where teachers need to reflect on their own practice in order to improve the quality of teaching and efficiency, implies the need for applying a multiform methods of activating in working with students. This is extremely important due to the extending knowledge about neurodidactics concerning neurological conditions of learning processes.