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Technologie informacyjno-komunikacyjne w organizacji, realizacji i rezultatach europejskich projektów edukacyjnych

Wojciech OPARCIK

Information and communication technologies in the organization, realization and results of European educational projects

Słowa kluczowe: program nauczania, szkolenie, uczenie się, e-learning, technologie informatyczne, pakiety edukacyjne, projekty międzynarodowe.

Key words: curriculum, training, learning, e-learning, information technologies, educational packages, international projects

Abstract: The article presents an analysis of the possibilities of using modern information and communication technologies in the realization of European projects. It presents solutions, the use of which at each stage, also in an initial phase of a project, allows to increase the effictiveness of a project`s performance and has a positive impact on the quality of the final results. Information and communication technology is considered in terms of improving cooperation in international partnerships, as well as influencing the form of a specific result of the project.