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Polityka rynku pracy wobec procesów edukacyjnych i rozwoju zawodowego


Labour market policy on educational processes and career development

Słowa kluczowe: bezrobocie, edukacja, kwalifikacje, polityka rynku pracy, rozwój zawodowy, zatrudnienie.

Key words: unemployment, education, qualifications, labour market policy, career development, employment.

Abstract: Despite the very good situation on the labour market, qualifications mismatches make the growing number of job offers insufficient to absorb the majority of recorded unemployment. This happens independently of the increase in the formal level of education of labour resources. Lack of proper vocational training is therefore an important determinant of the existence and duration of unemployment, because what counts more than the formal education on the labour market is the actual qualifications and professional skills. Entrepreneurs from various industries more and more often have difficulties finding employees. That is why it is so important to strengthen the importance of those skills in the teaching process which are crucial from the point of view of the requirements and expectations of the labour market.