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Hierarchia ważności działań nauczycieli w wybranych obszarach ICT (raport z badań)

Eunika Baron-Polańczyk

Słowa kluczowe: kompetencje informacyjne nauczycieli, wykorzystywanie metod i narzędzi ICT, badania diagnostyczno-korelacyjne.

Key words: information competences of teachers, ICT methods and tools using, diagnostic – correlations research.

Abstract: The article presents a fragment of the results of diagnostic-correlation research of quantitative/qualitative character, related to information competence of teachers in the area of application of ICT methods and tools in the context of new trends in technology and the accompanying civilizational transformations. Considered issues looking for answers to questions indicating the incidence of the use of ICT by teachers (hierarchy in the use of tools), in areas such as: computer games, network communication, searching and creation of information, preparation of teaching, way of spending free time. Highlights conditions constructing circumstances in which teachers are (or aren’t) taking action to use of ICT in everyday life and professional practice.