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Warsztaty techniczno-przyrodnicze na studiach podyplomowych

Karolina CZERWIEC, Renata STAŚKO

Technical-practical workshops at post-graduate studies

Słowa kluczowe: słuchacz studiów podyplomowych, nauczyciel, edukacja techniczna, edukacja przyrodnicza, interdyscyplinarność, warsztaty.

Key words: postgraduate student, teacher, technical education, science education, interdisciplinarity, workshops.

Abstract: Further education of teachers is connected with improving professional competences such as knowledge, skills, understanding, values and attitudes. It leads to effective actions of various kinds of educational and pedagogical activities. Such actions should be tailored to needs of particular students and include values linked to education, science and society (ETUCE, 2008; European Commission, 2013). Interdisciplinarity in various fields of study is important in the transfer of knowledge and shaping of beliefs about the need to integrate the contents of various subjects, e.g. technical and science classes. It is connected with many aspects of sustainable development, including environmental education and environmental protection. The research included postgraduate students of the Pedagogical University of Krakow in the teacher specialization “Technical Education” (active teachers) who participated in the technical-nature workshops about environmental protection. The participants claim that there is a need to organize cyclic interdisciplinary educational workshops for holistic consideration of scientific issues and improving social skills.