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Rola kapitału naukowego w planowaniu i podejmowaniu przez uczniów niektórych kierunków studiów i zawodów


The role of science capital in planning and choosing selected directions of studies and professions by students

Słowa kluczowe: kapitał naukowy, uczniowie, nauki ścisłe, aspiracje naukowe i zawodowe.

Key words: science capital, students, science, scientific and career aspirations.

Abstract: This paper attempts to present, theoretically and partly empirically, a discussion about a science capital which is treated as a phenomenon itself or a part of cultural and social capital. This quite new approach introducing „science capital” to social sciences is very useful in studying young people's scientific and career aspirations. The paper presents some results from the research on science capital in England. The results show that science capital is key in terms of scientific aspirations and participation. Efforts should be focused on building science capital among students and their families.