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Inteligencja emocjonalna młodych pedagogów specjalnych


The emotional intelligence of junior teachers of special education

Słowa kluczowe: inteligencja emocjonalna, pedagog specjalny, empatia, kompetencje osobiste.

Key words: emotional intelligence, special education teacher, empathy, personal competence.

Abstract: The author of this studies is focused on determining the level of emotional intelli-gence of junior special educators who are leaving the walls of the university and are entitled to work with disabled people. Research shows the average level of emotional intelligence, both: a general level and in terms of the specific factors: empathy and the ability to use emotional intelligence in action. It is suggested, therefore, that in the university practice, special attention should be paid to the selection of candidates for future pedagogues of special education and it is recommended to develop the emotional skills of students during the course and through the interaction.