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Poczucie kontroli pilotów wojskowych w sytuacji pracy


Military pilots' sense of control in their workplace

Słowa kluczowe: pilot wojskowy, sytuacja pracy, poczucie kontroli.

Key words: military pilot, workplace, sense of control.

Abstract: In the case of hazardous professions, effective professional functioning requires certain indispensable traits of personality, irrespective of the necessary psychophysical qualities and high competence levels. Sense of control is among these traits since it „(...) plays an important regulatory role, in particular when a person is faced with unfamiliar, complex, ambivalent and non-structured experiences” (Matczak et al., 2009, p. 6). Military pilot qualifies among high-risk jobs. The challenges of this complex profession are intensified by the nature of the pilots' tasks and the professional context in which the pilots perform. The key objective of this study is to research the sense of control as reported by the working pilots and juxtaposed with the context of socio-professional conditions of their performance.