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Czynniki warunkujące radzenie sobie nauczycieli szkół podstawowych z wyzwaniami zawodowymi – relacja z badań


Factors determining the ability of primary school teachers to cope with professional challenges – research results

Słowa kluczowe: nauczyciel, stres, stabilność emocjonalna, praca pod presją, pewność siebie.

Key words: teacher, stress, emotional stability, ability to work under pressure, self-confidence.

Abstract: The article presents the results of research aimed at diagnosing the level of the following factors, crucial from the perspective of coping with stress and dealing with difficult situations: emotional stability, ability to work under pressure and self-confidence. The study involved primary school teachers (N = 142). The collected data showed that the tested sample was dominated by people with an average intensity of each of the distinguished factors (while in every case the high score is the most desirable), and moreover, that it included a large group of teachers characterized by an undesirable, low level of each of them. Comparative analyzes revealed, in turn, that there were no statistically significant differences between the groups of teachers distinguished by the degree of their career advancement (the level of their professional promotion) in terms of the considered variables. The study also included correlation analyzes, which showed that there were statistically significant, positive relationships between the level of the considered variables and the intensity of other stress moderators: emotional intelligence, internal locus of control and components of social competences.