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Telepraca w postrzeganiu osób ze specjalnymi potrzebami. Raport z badań

Olga Pawłowska

Telework in perception of people with special needs. Research report

Słowa kluczowe: telepraca, stwardnienie rozsiane, SM, niepełnosprawność.

Key words: telework, multiple sclerosis, MS, disability.

Abstract: According to data from the Central Statistical Office of the LFS (Labor Force Survey) 2015, among disabled people of working age, only 17% of people are economically active (85% work and 15% are unemployed), and 83% of people remain economically inactive. This situation was an impulse to carry out research to check what the occupational situation of disabled people with multiple sclerosis is. One of the analyzed issues was the use of the Internet by people with MS for professional needs, including e-work delivery. The article presents a report from the conducted research. The research was carried out in Poland in 2015–2016.