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Competence standards and frameworks: some lessons from the United Kingdom


Standardy kompetencji i normy kwalifikacji – wybrane zagadnienia z Wielkiej Brytanii

Słowa kluczowe: kompetencja, zawód, standardy kompetencji, kwalifikacje zawodowe.

Key words: competence, profession, occupational standards, vocational qualifications.

Abstract: The United Kingdom (UK) was one of the earliest countries to develop a ‘competencebased’ approach to vocational education and training (VET), and to draw up competence specifications for a comprehensive range of occupations. This approach has been emulated or drawn upon by several other countries, and it is still used as a benchmark or comparator for developing competence standards internationally. The UK’s basic approach is however now nearly thirty years old, and although it has evolved in response to problems and challenges, more innovative and robust models have emerged outside of the formal VET system. The UK can provide some learning-points for countries and groups considering developing occupational and professional competence standards, but many of these need to be sought out from beyond the official guidance for developing occupational standards and qualifications.