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Prakseologiczny model kształcenia w technicznych szkołach wyższych

Jan SZYBKA, Robert PILCH, Maksymilian SMOLNIK

A praxiological model of education in technical universities

Słowa kluczowe: jakość kształcenia, kształtowanie procesu dydaktycznego, ocena procesu dydaktycznego, model prakseologiczny, techniczna szkoła wyższa.

Key words: quality of education, didactic process formation, didactic process evaluation, prax-iological model, technical university.

Abstract: The praxiological model presented in the article was constructed considering the assumption of a direct impact of the quality of education on the profile of the technical college graduate who has to make a variety of decisions in his professional work. His choices affect the functioning of large technical systems related to designing, manufacturing as well as operation and maintenance of technical objects. Consequently, they concern the activities of enterprises, industries and consequently the national economy. The article discusses the structure of the praxiological chain considered as a formal representation of an action as well as the method of constructing particular types of praxiological models. The developed model, in the form of a sequence of praxiological chains, contains the actions (selected by authors) which are the most important factors influencing the quality of education. Thus, it gives the basis for evaluat-ing and shaping the didactic process.