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Studia a sytuacja zawodowa studentów studiów niestacjonarnych pierwszego stopnia w świetle badań


Studies versus the professional situation of students of the first degree studies in the light of survey results

Słowa kluczowe: studia, student, firma, awans zawodowy, kariera zawodowa.

Key words: studies, student, company, professional promotion, professional career.

Abstract: Studies are perceived as a “ticket” to a widely understood professional promotion of the individual that is, obtaining a higher professional gratification or post at work, obtaining the function of the coordinator in the employees’ team, or obtaining work in a more prestigious company. That is why planning the professional career nowadays is difficult to skip that stage of education. The question arises, therefore, whether since the moment of commencing the studies there have been any changes in the professional life of young people and in what degree such studies contributed to such changes. In order to gain knowledge within that scope, surveys have been conducted among students of extra-mural studies. This article presents feedback with regard to the above mentioned aspect.