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Preferencje dokształcania i doskonalenia studentów studiów niestacjonarnych w świetle badań

Izabella KUST

Preferences of the first and second degree students of extramural studies with regard to forms of training in the light of surveys

Słowa kluczowe: postęp technologiczny, student, doskonalenie, dokształcanie, formy on-line.

Key words: technological progress, student, training, development, on-line forms.

Abstract: Technological progress is utilized successfully in the field of contemporary educa-tion. Multimedia presentation constitutes currently the standard of the majority of academic lectures, scientific conferences, etc. Modern communication technologies overcome the barri-ers of distance and time in an unprecedented manner. Training and education institutions com-pete with regard to the variety of educational offers. Additionally, they compete in reaching each potential student or course participant by the organization of studies and forms of educa-tion and development both in the classic form, that is, in buildings of the university, or training institutions, as well as the on-line form. Survey conducted and presented in this article depicts opinions of students of the first and second degree on their preferences with regard to the form of education and development.