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Specyfika współczesnego kształcenia ustawicznego


Specificity of the contemporary continuing education

Słowa kluczowe: kształcenie ciągłe, uczenie dorosłych, kompetencje zawodowe, metody nau-czania dorosłych, aktywność kulturotwórcza.

Key words: continuing education; adult education; professional competence, teaching methods in adult education, cultural activity.

Abstract: The issue of continuing education is still relevant and should be undertaken by specialists and the interested parties. Giving a clear view of the specificity of the contemporary continuing education is a purpose of this paper. Thanks to the application of the diagnostic survey method, feedback was obtained in the following thematic fields: the essence of continu-ing education; characteristic features of continuing education; various roles of continuing edu-cation today; the ways of teaching and learning in continuing education. Today, adults face the challenge of deepening their knowledge, improving their skills, by developing themselves in a measured and planned way. This phenomenon is global and cannot be confined to any local community or exceptional social situation.