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Dydaktyka cyfrowa w szkole zrównoważonego rozwoju

Aleksander PIECUCH, Elżbieta SAŁATA, Jana DEPEŠOVÁ

Digital theory of teaching – expectations and doubts

Słowa kluczowe: szkoła współczesna, technologie cyfrowe, cyfrowa dydaktyka, cyber-uzależnienia.

Key words: modern school, digital technology, digital theory of teaching, cyber-addiction.

Abstract: We keep dreaming about the school of 21st century, which would meet parents and children present needs and expectations, as well as would be in accordance with vision of education policy. Can fully digitalised school fulfill everybody's expectations? Use of the new technology in modern school became necessity. Opening for digital tools is very important for education improvement. This kind of education is more interesting and fruitful, and above all brings more advantages for students. It also causes some threats. All benefits and loses, expectations and threats need to be reconciled by forming school of sustianable development. That school will maintain what is the best from traditional model and will be improved with new possibilities which digital technology brings.