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Praca człowieka w wymiarze autotelicznym i instrumentalnym – wybrane aspekty aksjologii pracy

Ireneusz Marian Świtała

Słowa kluczowe: praca człowieka, aktywność, aksjologia pracy, wartości autoteliczne, wartości instrumentalne, etos pracy, postawy wobec pracy, samorealizacja.

Key words: human work, activity, work axiology, autotelic values, instrumental values, work ethos, attitudes towards work, self-realisation.

Abstract: Work constitutes an essential element of human life, it is an activity transforming the natural environment in order to meet human needs and, at the same time, constitutes an optimal possibility for personal features to be revealed. It is not only an instrumental but also autotelic value thanks to which other values, including spiritual ones, can develop.
It forms the basis of the man’s social and moral development as well as performs the therapeutic, precautionary, resocialising, socialising and educational function. The attitude towards work, influenced by social and philosophical trends, market economy development, technical inventions or capital development, has changed throughout centuries. This article presents the views on the role of work in the man’s life, changes of social attitudes towards work as well as attitude of contemporary Poles towards work and diligence.