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Plany życiowe młodzieży lubelskich wsi


Life plans of rural adolescents from the Lublin region

Słowa kluczowe: młodzież wiejska, plany życiowe, aspiracje młodzieży.

Key words: rural adolescents, life plans, aspirations of adolescents.

Abstract: The objective of the study was the presentation of life plans of rural adolescents attending secondary schools, their plans directly after completing school, as well as hopes for the more distant future. The plans of rural adolescents were described in comparison to the plans of adolescents living in urban areas. The scope of problems undertaken was analysed basing on studies conducted by the method of a diagnostic survey, using a questionnaire form, in a group of secondary school adolescents from the Lublin Region. There were surveyed 304 adolescents attending secondary general and technical schools, including 209 rural and 95 urban inhabitants.The study showed that the majority of both rural and urban adolescents had a positive attitude towards their future; however, they were aware of a multi-factor conditioning of their chances to obtain life goals. Plans concerning further education in the group of rural adolescents clearly differed from those of urban adolescents. The percentage of those who plan to undertake full-time studies was twice lower among rural when compared to urban schoolchildren. Rural adolescents more frequently than their urban contemporaries intend to undertake occupational activity, or study part-time and work at the same time. Despite the fact that the majority of the adolescents examined plan to start a family, these plans most often depend on such circumstances as: meeting an appropriate candidate for a mariage obtaining a proper material standard, or completing education. Rural adolescents, to a greater extent, focus on obtaining a proper material status which would provide a suitable life standard for a family. Urban adolescents pay more attention to personal relationships with the future spouse and practical aspects – completing education.