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Zwiększanie kompetencji informatycznych osób starszych a jakość życia seniorów


Increasing the IT competences of older people versus the quality of seniors' life

Słowa kluczowe: kompetencje, senior, edukacja informatyczna, Internet, wykluczenie społeczne.

Key words: competences, senior, IT education, Internet, social exclusion.

Abstract: The aim of the article is to draw attention to the value of seniors' IT education as a factor increasing quality of their life. Both acquiring and increasing senior's computer and above all Internet skills are significant for social relations. The author draws attention to the contradiction between huge technological progress, evolution of products and services and negligence of the education sphere for conscious and comfortable usage of these goods. The author also underlines significance of seniors' IT education as a great challenge facing the educational system, especially in the era of the ageing society. Additionally, the author emphasizes the seniors' need to belong to social groups that is now possible thanks to the Internet. He also points to the correlation between seniors' loneliness and the need to establish contacts online which prevent social exclusion alleviating the feeling of rejection and loneliness.