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Przydatność – istotność treści „edukacji na odległość”

Aleksander MARSZAŁEK

Usefulness and significance of „Distance education” content

Słowa kluczowe: przydatność treści kształcenia, istotność treści kształcenia, treść edukacji, edukacja na odległość, szkoła wyższa.

Key words: usefulness of educational content, significance of educational content, educational content, distance education, higher education institution.

Abstract: In the article the need for checking the usefulness and significance of educational content has been justified. Theoretical considerations have been completed by evaluating the usefulness/ significance of the educational content being taught within the subject „distance education” which has been run since 2004 at University of Rzeszow for students of technical and information technology specialization. The conducted studies on sample of 64 students (twice) and 53 graduates of studies show the high usefulness\significance of the current content that increases with acquiring knowledge in this field of education, and with the deepening of professional experience. Respondents, at the same high level, gave their opinion on the theoretical and practical content. The feedback from the research may be used for selection of the educational content at higher education institutions.