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Szanse, cele i możliwości edukacji ekologicznej nauczycieli z wykorzystaniem mediów i webGIS

Joanna ANGIEL, Paulina POKOJSKA, Wojciech POKOJSKI

Chances, goals and opportunities for environmental education of teachers with the use of the media and webGIS

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja nauczycieli, edukacja ekologiczna, webGIS.

Key words: education of teachers, environmental education, webGIS.

Abstract: The article discusses the topic of environmental education of teachers using media and webGIS, as a major issue in the context of changes in the education in Poland. Giving the example of postgraduate studies addressed to teachers of geography organized at the University of Warsaw, the structure and content of the course were presented. This proposal of education for teachers, with the use of multimedia and web GIS elements, may be a didactic inspiration and a model course for other educational units.