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Moda na „gap year”. O współczesnym trendzie w konstruowaniu karier edukacyjnych


A gap year trend. The contemporary trend of designing educational careers

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja, gap year, podróże, wolontariat, uczenie się nieformalne, uczenie się w codzienności.

Key words: education, gap year, travelling, voluntary service, non-formal education, learning in everyday life.

Abstract: “A gap year” one may call a break in life or an annual break. This way of projecting one`s own life is widespread and popular around the world. The author provides a historical outline, the definitions of the term and various forms of activities realized in the frames of socalled “a gap year”. The article shows opinions of enthusiasts and sceptics on the topic of the actual meaning, goal and function of a year-long break. Moreover, the text presents reasons, obstacles and consequences of participating in this life project. The author interprets the gap year as an educational phenomenon which allows to expand horizons, to learn the diversity of the world and its cultures, gain experience and increase one’s knowledge. The author suppose the idea itself will acquire more and more followers in Poland, not only among young people, but also among adults and seniors.