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Ocena jakości usług edukacyjnych „w skali ważności realizacji”

Małgorzata LOTKO

Evaluating quality of educational services with the use of importance-performance scales

Słowa kluczowe: jakość, usługi edukacyjne.

Key words: quality, educational services.

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to show the usefulness of importance-performance scales for measurement and evaluation of the quality of educational services. The study was carried out with the use of a survey method. The questionnaire was composed of two parts. The first part included demographical questions characterizing the customers of educational services and the second part, the substantial one, included SERVQUAL questionnaire queries. The analysis of the results of the study demonstrates that it is necessary to make every endeavor to raise of quality of features connected with employees of organizations delivering educational services and their role in education process. The analysis of literature has demonstrated that importance-performance scales have not been used for the measurement of the educational services yet, therefore filling this gap constitutes the innovative element of the paper.