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Superwizja jako narzędzie doskonalenia zawodowego pracowników socjalnych


Supervision as a tool for professional development of social workers

Słowa kluczowe: praca socjalna, pracownik socjalny, superwizja.

Key words: social work, social workers, supervision.

Abstract: Supervision is a professional tool for supporting social workers and increasing their effectiveness. The article presents the research carried out at the Municipal Social Assistance Centre in Radom. The analysis shows that employees have a positive view of supervision. Not more than half of social workers had the opportunity to use it, however not in a systematic way. This technique met their expectations. It is helpful in solving difficult issues, supports and prevents burnout, favours work efficiency. It is a part of professional development. It has a positive effect on the satisfaction of work. However, it sometimes happens that social workers associate supervision with control and evaluation of their work. Perhaps it is related to incomplete understanding of the idea, assumptions and specification of supervision.