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Transformacyjne uczenie się dorosłych w świetle teorii Jack’a Mezirowa


Transformative adult learning based on Jack Mezirow’ theory

Słowa kluczowe: uczenie się dorosłych, refleksyjność, teoria Mezirowa, transformacyjne uczenie się.

Key words: adult learning, reflexivity, Mezirow's theory, transformational learning.

Abstract: The article pertains to the transformational theory of adult learning. Transformation-al learning is based on Mezirows’ theory. At the beginning, the theory of philosophical founda-tion is presented. Selected views of Thomas Kuhn, Paulo Freire, Jurgen Habermas are used, as they evidently correspond to the theory of transformational learning. Then, the author provides graphical presentation of the issues discussed. Subsequently, the most important issues are analyzed, for example: the frame of reference, disorienting dilemmas, rational discourse. Ten stages of the Mezirows’ theory are presented. In the last part of the article, critical reviews of the theory are discussed. For example: Mezirow has not taken into account the social context of transformative learning and the fact that the theory has quite a metaphorical character.