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O negatywnych aspektach uczenia się w okresie późnej dorosłości

Agnieszka KOZERSKA

About the negative aspects of learning in late adulthood

Słowa kluczowe: uczenie się w okresie późnej dorosłości, starzenie się, negatywne aspekty uczenia się

Key words: learning in late adulthood, aging, negative aspects of learning

Abstract: This article deals with selected negative aspects of the learning process of elder people. On the one hand, the examples of learning discussed in the article do not yield the socially accepted results, but on the other hand, they describe difficult situations and experiences that occur during the process of learning. Moreover, the article presents both some situations in which, for certain reasons, individuals tend not to learn what has been planned and some situations in which learning outcomes seem different from those intended. In the deliberations seen from such a perspective there has been considered a case of the elderly people in the context of critical life events, taking up educational activity under pressure of the environment and organized types of mental activity taken up intentionally.