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Czynniki wpływające na atrakcyjność platform zdalnej edukacji

Anżelina MAREK, Anna JASIK

Factors influencing the attractiveness of distance education platforms

Słowa kluczowe: e-learning, studenci, edukacja, podnoszenie kwalifikacji.

Key words: e-learning, students, education, improving qualifications.

Abstract: In less than 30 years the Internet has entered virtually every area of life. It encompassed both the ways we communicate with each other and the professional life of the majority of society. One of the forms of using the Internet, which is developing more and more dynamically, is e-learning. It is used by companies to educate their employees, by working people who want to improve their qualifications and by universities as an additional way of education. Universities increasingly use a combination of the traditional form of education and e-learning classes. The paper presents the features of attractive e-learning classes based on surveys carried out at one of the universities. The article is an introduction to the planned deeper analysis of this topic.