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Kształcenie i szkolenie zawodowe – oblicza globalizacji

Natalya Zolotareva, Olga Oleynikova

Słowa kluczowe: kształcenie zawodowe, modernizacja, internacjonalizacja, globalizacja, glokalizacja, umiejętności, kompetencje, rynek pracy.

Key words: vocational education, modernization, internationalization, globalization, glocalisation, skills, competences, labour market.

Abstract: The article examines diverse perspectives of internationalisation in education regarded as a derivative of the globalisation, with a focus on vocational education and training. The issue is viewed through the lens of the culturalist model that involves a discourse of experts that is being formed to implement the various aspects of internationalisation in VET, namely on the policy level, both national and international, as well as on the level of the national and international skills demand and supply, axiology and curricula development. Internationalisation is interpretedas a inherent part of the modern paradigm of VET development and an aim as well as a instrument of ensuring effectiveness and quality of vocational education and training.