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Zdrowie w dyskursie pedagogicznym

Ligia Tuszyńska

Słowa kluczowe: edukacja ekologiczna, pedagogika zdrowia, styl życia, świadomość zdrowotna.

Key words: ecological education, health pedagogy, lifestyle, health awareness.

Abstract: . The modern WHO definition of “health” strongly emphasizes the inseparability of health and internal and social life of a man and one’s concern for the physical condition. Historically, the integration of medical sciences and social pedagogy resulted in development of a holistic concept of a health upbringing in theory – a health education (M. Demel 1980). The main aspects of health education: physical, mental and social are supposed to support health of individuals and the whole society. The article presents the dilemmas associated with formation of the sub-discipline of health pedagogy. Promoting health is a challenge for pedagogy, as it is indicated by the determinants of health, developed by Lalonde, lifestyle contributes to maintaining health condition in more than 50%. This is a major problem in all concepts linked to health education, as well as a humanistic approach to look at health issues of individuals and the whole society. The article presents the results of preliminary survey on the level of health awareness among master degree studies students. The study was conducted before the beginning of lectures on the subject of health education in 2014. The results were compared with the results of the Report “Style of life in Poland 2013” presented on the website: www. uspzdrowie.com