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Wartość wolontariatu z perspektywy studenta uczelni medycznej

Katarzyna Kordiuk, Karolina Szczeszek, Anna Maria Stanek, Maciej Wilczak

Słowa kluczowe: wolontariat, wolontariusz, organizacje pozarządowe, edukacja.

Key words: volunteering, volunteer, non-governmental organizations, education.

Streszczenie: The primary aim of the research was to investigate the role of volunteering as an educational factor in human development. 202 students attending the University of Medical Sciences in Poznan participated in the survey. The survey was conducted in 2014, in the period May–June. Results have shown that students are familiar with the concept of volunteering, especially if volunteering is related to their future profession. Research shows that the majority of respondents are unfamiliar with student organizations. Respondents who are volunteers would recommend gaining experience through volunteering. Respondents believe that volunteering can help to gain new skills, knowledge and experience needed for their future careers. Respondents also said that volunteering can be considered as an educational factor in human development.