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Otwartość na nowe doświadczenia w karierze międzynarodowej młodych pedagogów


Openness to new experiences in an international career of young educators

Słowa kluczowe: absolwenci pedagogiki, otwartość na nowe doświadczenia, kariera międzynarodowa.

Key words: graduates of pedagogical studies, openness to new experiences, international career.

Abstract: When planning a career on the international labor market, one should take into account not only professional skills and excellent knowledge of foreign languages but also openness to new experiences. Openness is in fact a tendency to seek and evaluate – in a positive context – life experiences, tolerance towards novelties and rapidly changing working conditions, and cognitive curiosity (cf. A. Bańka, 2005). The research conducted among graduates of pedagogical studies at the Marie Curie Skłodowska University sought to determine the openness of young teachers to new experiences related to their pursuit of professional career in different social environments, cultural and organizational.