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Skuteczność programu zapobiegania agresji w grupie studentów kierunków medycznych


The effectiveness of the aggression management program for students of medical directions of studies

Słowa kluczowe: agresja, przemoc, personel medyczny, student, edukacja, trening zapobiegania agresji.

Key words: aggression, violence, medical staff, student, education, aggression management program.

Abstract: Patient aggression is a serious problem in everyday work of the medical staff. Various actions are undertaken to reduce the scale of this phenomenon. Training in dealing with patient aggression is one of them. This subject is described it literature as AMP (aggression management programs). It points to the effectiveness of such measures in the area of knowledge, skills and psychological traits of students. The study concerns the assessment of the effectiveness of anti-aggression training in a group of students of medical directions of studies. The study was carried out using pre-test and post-test, which designed to asses the differences in the perception and attitudes towards aggression and self-efficacy of students. The research has showed changes in the perception of aggression as a negative behavior and in the sense of self-efficacy. There is the need for further exploration of issues concerning the assessment of effectiveness of various training methods.