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Ocena potrzeb szkoleniowych średniego personelu medycznego


The assessment of training needs of the intermediate level medical staff

Słowa kluczowe: profesjonaliści medyczni, potrzeby szkoleniowe, ocena.

Key words: medical staff, training needs, assessment.

Abstract: Employees are the most important asset of any organisation, and this is true especially when discussing about service sector to which medical entities belong. Keeping competent employees in the organisation is becoming one of the most essential objectives of all medical entities. The objective of the study was to assess training needs of the intermediate level medical staff employed in the Independent Public Health Care Clinic. The research was carried out in 2016 in the group of 76 people of medical staff (nurses, physiotherapists, laboratory diagnosticians and electroradiology technicians) employed in a medical entity in Świętokrzyskie province. Complete data was collected from 46 employees in total. Participation in the research was voluntary. An interview method was applied in order to assess individual needs of medical staff as far as training and the competence development were concerned. A specially prepared questionnaire was used in the research. Over a half (58%) of the employees taking part in the research realised the need of professional training. They declared that the most welcome forms and methods of training would be lectures (52%) and workshops (48.3%). Self-study and e-learning were not preferred by most of the respondents. The range of subject matter for training which was pointed out by the respondents coincides with the current epidemiological situation in Poland.