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Kształcenie ustawiczne dorosłych a system motywacyjny – studium przypadku


Continuing adult education versus incentive scheme – a case study

Słowa kluczowe: efektywność, motywacja, rozwój zawodowy, satysfakcja, wydajność.

Key words: effictiveness, motivation, professional development, satisfaction, efficiency.

Abstract: Continuing education is a part of lifelong learning referring to adults, understood as a whole of cognitive activity taken during life with the aim of deepening knowledge, skills or qualifications (for personal, social or professional reasons). Employees motivation is one of the main components of enterprise management. That is why it is extremely important to define in a company the most important factors that have an effect as activating employees and giving them the enthusiasm to work more efficiently while still providing them with satisfaction. This article aims to present the results of the analysis of the personal preferences of the administrative staff of the State Higher School Pope John Paul II in Biala Podlaska to determine the level of involvement in the process of development and self-education. It is focused on the classification of the most important financial and non-financial factors for the implementation of the process of self-education and developing their skills, both soft and hard.