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Mentoring w rozwoju kompetencji zawodowych w „ekoprzemyśle”

Jolanta Religa, Ewelina Błaszczuk, Jarosław Sitek

Mentoring in the development process of the competence in "eco industry"

Słowa kluczowe: mentor, mentoring, sektor eko, kompetencje, rozwój.

Key words: mentor, mentoring, eco industry, competence, development.

Abstract: Article presents the results of research and development works implemented by international partnership in the frame of Erasmus +Programme. Ecomentor Project refers to the process of mentoring in continuing vocational education, especially work-based learning. International team of researchers developed the unified competence standard for mentors that can be related to the European Qualifications Framework. On the base of that, there was developed an ISO 17024:2003 based certification scheme, which provides for the mentors in eco sector a competence certification based on an international standard.