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Staże nauczycielskie w doskonaleniu zawodowym nauczycieli


Internships for teachers in the process of teachers` professional development

Słowa kluczowe: studenckie praktyki pedagogiczne.

Key words: professional development, professional competences, teacher.

Abstract: In this article the author has made an attempt to show possibilities for the improvement of professional competences of teachers with various specialties of a modern vocational school taking as an example the project carried out by University in Opole: ‘Innovations of teachers professional improvement’. One of the ways of professional improvement in the area of vocational schools subjects and of increasing knowledge and skills is serving internships in service and manufacturing companies, which use new technologies, machines and materials. In the globalization society the teacher should be a specialist who is properly prepared to lead didactical and practical classes in the educational institutions and outside them. A well prepared teacher is a person who constantly searches for better solutions, increases one`s knowledge and qualifications as well as works with passion and has a positive attitude towards work.