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Poradnictwo zawodowe dla studentów – stan obecny i kierunki rozwoju w świetle badań własnych

Daniel KUKLA, Marta ZAJĄC

Career counselling for students – the current status and directions of development according to the own study

Słowa kluczowe: tranzycja, poradnictwo zawodowe, student, usługi poradnictwa zawodowego.

Key words: transition, career counselling, student, career counselling services.

Abstract: Nowadays, the process of transition of graduates into the labour market has become an increasingly demanding process due to dynamic changes in the education and labour market. In this process services of career counselling may be extremely useful. This study presents an analysis and interpretation of results of own study. The aim of the research was to identify the students' opinions on the adequacy of services in the field of career counseling and their expectations towards the forms of these services. On this basis, the suggestions, directions of services development in career counseling, aimed at their adaptation to the real needs of students were formulated.