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Przygotowanie inżynierów do wdrażania innowacyjnych technologii optomechatronicznych


Professional preparation of engineers for the implementation of innovative optomechatronic technologies

Słowa kluczowe: przygotowanie zawodowe, optomechatronika, kształcenie i szkolenie zawodowe.

Key words: professional preparation, optomechatronics, vocational education and training.

Abstract: In modern innovative enterprises, the advanced multi-task optomechatronic systems are increasingly being developed and implemented for monitoring of technology processes and quality inspection of products. The specificity of operation principles of optomechatronic systems requires improving knowledge and skills of the engineers and technicians. The area of specialist knowledge goes beyond the classical mechatronics and includes basics of fotonics and optoelectronics. The improvement of this kind of knowledge is possible in vocational education and training (VET). The general concept of the vocational education and training programme combining theoretical and practical training in optomechatronics is presented in the article. The programme in particular includes the development and maintenance problems of optomechatronic systems in industry. The programme is addressed to engineers and technicians and managerial staff of SME sector in innovative enterprises in which the upgrade of production lines and development of novel quality inspection systems are being performed.