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Specyfika kształcenia oficerów mechaników okrętowych na światowe rynki pracy


The specificity of education of marine mechanical officers for world labour markets

Słowa kluczowe: kształcenie, oficer mechanik okrętowy, światowy rynek pracy.

Key words: education, marine mechanical officer, world job market.

Abstract: The paper characterizes the educational process based on the mechanical engineering undergraduate curricula at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Maritime University of Szczecin. The profiles of graduates of different specializations of this field of study (maintenance of marine power plants, maintenance of marine propulsion machinery and power devices, diagnostics and repair of marine machinery equipment) are presented. Particular attention is paid to the description of the graduate profile of “engine room operation” specialization. Graduates of this field of study are tought for the jobs of engineer officers to work on ships of various types. Attention is drawn to the characteristic features of various types of classes and practical training. The most important documents underlying the organization of studies, including the documents governing the training of marine engineer officers, are quoted.