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„Zarządzanie sobą” u progu wchodzenia w dorosłość


“Self-management” on the threshold of entering adulthood

Słowa kluczowe: zarządzanie, samozarządzanie, wchodzenie w dorosłość, potencjał dorosłości.

Key words: management, self-management, entering adulthood, potential of adulthood.

Abstract: While entering adulthood, a person has to be aware that in the constantly and fast changing world whether they will “win” their life depends largely on themselves. Lowney, seeking something what separetes winners from losers, appeals to a Jesuit way of thinking. He shows that the basis of the successful life is a simple rule: one needs to learn “self-management” – become a “manager of yourself.” The goal of the publication is to show the individual potential with which an every student enters adulthood as well as the way how it can help in becoming a “manager of yourself.” Among people aged 19 and 22, empirically have been checked a level of the students’ certain resources and their expectations with regard to studying.