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Rozwój kompetencji nauczyciela wspomagającego ucznia z autyzmem


Competences of a teacher co-organizing an integrated education of a student with autism

Słowa kluczowe: nauczyciel współorganizujący kształcenie integracyjne, uczeń z zaburzeniami autystycznymi, kompetencje zawodowe nauczyciela.

Key words: teacher co-organizing an integrated education, student with autistic disorders, teacher's professional competence

Abstract: The aim of the paper is to present the qualifications and competences required from a teacher co-organizing an integrated education. The results of the interviews, carried out with parents of autistic children, considering competence of teachers co-organizing an integrated education were presented. They showed that parents’ expectations towards cooperation with the teachers were fully met. In the conclusion, the outline of competence of the teacher coorganizing an integrated education was proposed.