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Trener – jego rola w wychowaniu do dorosłości


A coach`s role in upbringing to the maturity

Słowa kluczowe: dojrzałość interpersonalna; błędy pracy trenerskiej; kompetencje trenerskie, wzór osobowy.

Key words: interpersonal maturity; mistakes in coaching; coaching competence, personal model.

Abstract: Presentation of key findings concerning the role of a coach is a crucial objective of this study on coaching in preparing young sport graduate trainees for the responsible maturity. The study was conducted using qualitative methods of reasearch. Using the diagnostic survey method (talks and the interview), some knowledge about relations built by coaches with competitors, factors destroying those relations, characteristics of a person carrying out the training, was collected. Coaches, PE teachers, students, athletes and academic teachers were surveyed to get their opinions about the role of the coach in the process of upbringing young people.