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Nowe podejście w metodologii standaryzacji kompetencji zawodowych


A new approach in the methodology of professional competences standardization

Słowa kluczowe: kształcenie zawodowe, kompetencje, kwalifikacje, standard kompetencji.

Key words: vocational education, competence, qualifications, competence standard.

Abstract: The article presents a new approach to the methodology for the development of professional competence standards – which are still seen as a valuable measurement tool of professional development. Assumed methodological principles and a model of the standard are aimed at assuring a better match to the reality of the European labour market requirements and prolonging the validity of the content of professional competence standards. The solutions proposed in the article are based on the critical analysis of different models of professional competence standards currently used in selected European countries, examples of innovative approaches tested mainly in The United Kingdom as well as own professional experience of the international team carrying out the research work within Communicating Professional Competence project.